Wisdom from a Senior Student

Howdy. I just witnessed my second albatross of the year, this time from a 78 year old retired lawyer. I’ve known and taught Scott for 6 years, but he has golfed for the better part of 7 decades. He has begun to regularly shoot his age or better, and I have lost more $2 bets […]

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Green Reading Myths that Endure

Good evening. On Facebook today a prominent golf magazine (there are basically two, they both have “Golf” in their name, but this one is more of a┬áDigest, not a Magazine…..) re-posted an article from September 2009. It remains mostly irrelevant 8 years later. Let’s look at the basics of the article, where a prominent caddy […]

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Misunderstanding AimPoint

Howdy on a rainy cold Spring afternoon. Mark Sweeney, AimPoint founder and a gentleman I consider a true giant in the world of golf, published the following article this morning. I believe it will assist you if you are still “on the fence” regarding AimPoint as a value to your game. If you are still […]

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The Curious Argument of Fundamentals

Howdy. It’s Spring, so every golfer has great intentions to make this trip around the sun the one where golf becomes fun and yields excellent results. That does sound splendid. It’s also the month where I receive a lot of criticism because the critic “needs to keep it simple, they don’t need technology.” “I just […]

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